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When we analysed the most successful conversion campaigns amongst these, we found there are four very specific strategies that deliver the most consistent results year after year.

Which of the four is the best fit for you, requires some research and a proprietary process we’ve developed.

This is an in-depth analysis of

  • Your business,
  • The industry you are in,
  • The services you offer,
  • Your current activity on LinkedIn,
  • The alignment to how we know your audience is most likely to want to engage with you on LinkedIn

It’s designed to give you complete clarity as to how to achieve a successful outcome from the time you invest on LinkedIn.

Here’s what we cover:

  • LinkedIn’s business model and why the strategies we suggest align with LinkedIn’s goals, as opposed to many that work actively against them
  • The three-step process that ensures your profile is considered a preferred profile by LinkedIn
  • The specific changes you need to make to your LinkedIn profile to ensure it is properly optimised and showing up in the right searches by your potential new clients
  • Which of the “Magic Four” strategies is best suited to you and your business

The first step is to complete this short questionnaire, which will give Christie our head strategist the information she needs to assess whether this is the right process for you to consider as a next step.

Once Christie has assessed your businesses suitability and if she feels you’re a good fit for one of these strategies you be given the chance to book a FREE Vision Call to discuss the next steps.

The Vision Call is designed to assist with providing clarity on where you’re winning with your current LinkedIn Strategy, where the gaps are and what you need to do to fix them. You’ll leave feeling clear and confident about your next steps to crush with your LinkedIn strategy.

It’s obligation-free, so go ahead and complete it now for your chance to book a call with Christie.

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About Christie McCabe

Christie McCabe is the Head of Strategy at Prominence Global. She is part of a team considered to be one of Australia’s leading experts in harnessing the power of LinkedIn for business.

Christie has 2 decades of experience in marketing, communications, sales, media and education working with a wide variety of clients and on diverse projects.

She has been the host of two breakfast radio shows in NSW and WA, Written and Directed award winning films, represented Australia and Samsung as a Global Blogger at the 2012 London Olympic Games and coached hundreds of people globally to leverage the power of LinkedIn for their business.

She believes real and meaningful change comes through the world’s entrepreneurs. Her purpose is to provide their businesses with powerful tools to grow and accelerate their global footprint via LinkedIn.

Together we can make an important impact!

Here’s what a few of our clients shared after completing a Magic Four Session

I attended Christie’s July Lunch & Learn on becoming a LinkedIn woman of prominence. She shared practical tips and insights, some I was able to implement immediately like making strategic connections, sharing valuable content and adding value for my network. Then more specifically, she offered a tailored strategy session relevant to my business and industry, which she researched beforehand. It was a valuable process so highly recommend others - men and women - look into getting her assistance.

- Katie Fairbrother - Australia

Christie helped me to understand how to make changes to increase my brand awareness and be noticed. We chatted about how to improve my profile and be recognised more. Thank you Christie, you delivered such valuable information on the call. I would recommend having a call with Christie to find out how to brand yourself better.

- Wendy Marquenie - Australia

I have known Christie for years but only in the last 12 months we have reconnected and done various projects together. She is super professional, sticks to her word and operates with absolute integrity. I respect her work ethic and I have seen her go above and beyond in both her personal and professional life. I highly recommend working with Christie as she will not disappoint. Even if things might change, she is the first one to be upfront about anything and find solutions to make it even better.

- Marlie Jolanda - Australia

In this busy and noisy world of services, I found Prominence Global very professional and to the point (thank God for this). In 10 minutes, I understood ideally what Christie and the rest of the team could help me with to improve my LinkedIn page and my communication on LinkedIn. Long story short in 2 months, I publish 2 times less and instead of less than 10 likes and 100 views, my posts never go below 800 views and up to 3,000, and my likes are x10. Working on getting it even better!

- Julien Fortuit - Spain